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567 Supporters

There are several ways in which you can bring the new build GCR Class 2 4-4-0 No.567 to fruition:


Join the Supporters Club for as little as £5.67 per month (or £68.04 for the year) and help secure a constant and predictable flow of income to keep the new build No.567 on track.

The benefits of membership include:


  • The knowledge that you support the reincarnation of an operating Victorian classic express steam locomotive with the potential to create the spectacle of hauling a unique set of Victorian carriages along a preserved main line railway.

  • Be entered in the Quarterly draw to win a footplate ride on No.567.

  • Regular Newsletters to update you on progress.

  • Special 567 events with an Annual Supporters Day to view progress on the new build.

  • Be one of the first 200 supporters to have a seat on the first train to be hauled by No.567.

To become a Supporter please download the application form here.

As the 567 Loco Group is a registered charity your membership contributions are eligible for Gift Aid giving a significant boost to the funding of the project.

Sponsor a component

A very positive way to support the project is by sponsoring a component. The list of components requiring sponsorship will be updated periodically as components receive the required support and new components are added to the list that will ensure a smooth progression of building the locomotive. Components currently listed for sponsorship are:

Horn Guides (2) at £1000 each
Frame material (several) at £160 each


Whether you are a Supporter or not you can make a donation large or small to speed the completion of No.567. Donations may be via a single lump sum or via a regular donation through a Direct Debit. Such donations will be eligible for Gift Aid.

Download the required form here.


To continue the dream of the Victorian Express locomotive hauling a set of vintage carriages along a main line railway you may consider leaving a legacy in your will.


For further details click here.



To complete the complex task of building a new steam locomotive volunteers are sought to support activities in a wide range of tasks. These include the following:

  • Marketing to promote the project

  • Ambassadors to man the 567 stand at various events

  • Design and analysis skills, particularly in modern computing, to aid the design of the new build locomotive

  • Manufacturing skills particularly in machining, pattern making and casting to support the manufacture of components

If you are able to help in these or in any other area please get in touch via the Contacts page

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